MRULE Weekly Roundtable Discussions

Want to meet others and discuss what’s happening in our ever-changing World?

Intercultural Aides (ICAs) hold 11 different round table discussions EVERY week across campus!

Every Monday and Tuesday evenings, 8:30 – 9:30pm, in every neighborhood!

East: HOLMES(Mondays, Holmes Rm C103) or HUBBARD(Mondays, Hubbard Rm 132) or AKERS(Tuesdays, Akers C136)

Rivertrail: MCDONEL (Tuesdays, McDonel Kiva)

South: WONDERS(Mondays, Wonders Kiva) or CASE(Tuesdays, Case Rm 339) or HOLDEN (Tuesdays, Holden C136)

Brody: Mondays or Tuesdays, BRODY SQUARE Rm 134

North: MOSAIC Multipurpose Room (Mondays) and 3rd Floor SNYDER-PHILLIPS Classrooms(Tuesdays)