Intercultural Aide Program


Achieving the institutional learning goals and global competencies for every student requires a globally integrated curriculum where intercultural engagement is valued and practiced on a daily basis.

In the fall of 2014, the Intercultural Aide (ICA) program and the Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience (M-RULE) fused to create a cohesive and innovative framework for intercultural work at Michigan State University.

The goals for the program are as follows:

    • Support students’ transition to MSU and their engagement with campus services, resources, personnel, and peers;
    • Foster an inclusive campus climate that supports students’ identity development, sense of belonging, and community building;
    • Cultivate students’ abilities to engage with intercultural issues and cross-cultural boundaries;
    • Support students’ retention and persistence at MSU;
    • Build students’ capacities to live and learn in a diverse, global society;
    • Enhance students’ ability to view themselves as part of an interconnected global community; and,
  • Promote the value of lifelong, holistic learning.