mruleICA at Mosaic

"Freedom is about responsibility and service to the greater good so that more people can live with peace and justice. That’s freedom." -Jeanne Gazel, Founder, Multi Racial Unity Living Experience


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What is the mruleICA Program? 

With histories dating back 25 and 50 years, The Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience and Intercultural Aide Programs hold long-term, grassroots records of working to bridge racial divides on Michigan State University's campus.

Today, 'mruleICA at Mosaic' is a fused race relations, intercultural engagement, and student leadership program dedicated to preparing undergraduates for an increasingly complex and inter-related world.


Our Approach: 

mruleICA provides experiences for students to raise their critical consciousness about social problems, build community across diverse experience, and then facilitate these learning experience for other, new students. We offer 5 distinct co-learning experiences.


The 5 Engaged Learning Opportunities (ELOs):

  • Roundtable Discussions (RTDs) 

    Each week, we meet to talk about social issues and current events, bringing questions about the past and the future together in the present. Our student leaders, intercultural aides (ICAs), facilitate conversations that matter. We talk about things like race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, ability, nationality, language…all the things that make us who we are and determine the opportunities and freedoms afforded to us or not. 

    Want to be a part of the conversation? Join us for an RTD
  • Relationship Building

    As a student, our ICAs are here to support you. One of the ways they do that is by connecting with you outside of the RTD space. These connections can happen in the hallway, at the cafe, or other impromptu, yet meaningful moments. And these moments make a difference. Take it from a resident: 

    To me, the best thing that my ICA has done was come to my door when she noticed I stopped going to RTD. I was having a hard time with some classes and was starting to get sick, so she came to my room to check in on me and encouraged me to go to RTD. Honestly, if she hadn't done that I would likely have stopped going, as I would have flet that my spontaneous reappearance would be disruptive. I'm so grateful she did this for me.

  • Service & Social Events

    This is what we call "matching our deeds with our words." Dialogue is, of course, a form of social action, but this is our chance to apply what we say and learn in the RTD space to real communities in service alongside others in the Greater Lansing, Metro Detroit, and other areas. 

    Don't miss out! Ask your ICA when the next service experience will be. 

  • Campus Partnership
    We could’t do the hard work of building vibrant and inclusive communities without our many campus partners. On any given day, you’ll see us working side by side with our colleagues in Residence Education and Housing Services (REHS), the Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative (NSSC), the Center for Integrative Studies, MSU Libraries, and others. These collaborations help extend our reach and amplify the impact any one of our organizations could make on their own.
  • Training & Education
    One of our guiding principles is to embrace learning. We do that every week through our training and education engaged learning opportunity (TEELO). This is a time and a place for ICAs to refine their practice as community builders and deepen their understanding of the core concepts that connected to our work.

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What Current Students Have To Say:

Read about how students feel the Intercultural Aides in their living community have impacted their time on campus.


What Program Alum Say:

Over the last 25 years, mruleICA alum have gone onto grad school, pursued medical and law degrees, become educators, led diversity efforts within corporations, and started their own families- in the US and and around the world. Here is what some have to say on the long term impacts of the program on the trajectory of their careers and lives.