About us

We believe building a more just campus, community and world for tomorrow, begins with our beliefs and behaviors today.

  • Who We Are
    A group of administrators, academics, faculty, and students dedicated to justice and inclusivity as a long term, relational process. 
  • What We Do

    We offer the space and support for faculty, staff and students to build their capacity to meaningfully engage across difference. Some of our offerings include:

    • a curricular approach to multicultural unity
    • courses in history, social relations, and society
    • course credit for engaged student dialogues
    • a 1-2 year capacity building program for 2nd-4th year students to create multicultural unity and facilitate dialogue across racialized lines
    • a 1-4 year learning experience for 1st-4th year students to engage in community, dialogue and service with people of diverse experiences and upbringings
    • partnership with other intercultural initatives and programs on campus
    • a collaborative workspace in the Student Union Building
  • Why We Do It

    We believe the University uniquely offer an experience where students from around the world, nation and state come to live, work and study beside one another but often still fail to bridge and cross unfamiliar identity lines. 

    What potential is there in crossing those lines?

    What possiblities for our world exist when we begin to question the common narratives about who we are, where we're going and how?

    How might we more meaningfully engage with those who are different than us?

    These questions inspire and drive us to build and invest in a future just beyond the horizon.

  • Our Guiding Values and Principles
    1. We put students first. 
    2. We match our deeds with our words. 
    3. We give more than we take. 
    4. We connect the dots. 
    5. We try new things. 
    6. We embrace learning. 
    7. We reflect… a lot. 
    8. We ask questions. 
    9. We use data to improve ourselves and our work. 

Our team

We like to think of ourselves as a small and mighty team. Our staff includes:

  • Jeanne Gazel, PhD – Co-Director 
  • Maggie Chen Hernandez – Co-Director 
  • Dreux Baker, ICA Supervisor – Akers & Hubbard 
  • Meghan McCullough, ICA Supervisor – Case, Holden, and Wonders 
  • Tiffany Gridiron Toriumi, ICA Supervisor – Brody & West Circle 
  • Paul Brown – Consultant
  • Libby Hoffman – Consultant
  • Pam McFadden – Administrative Assistant 

How We're Responding to COVID-19:

Community building across our differences has never been more critical. This semester we've adapted our traditional community building and consciousness raising efforts into a virtual format. Connect with us through any of the following opportunities:


  • Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Night MRULE Round Table Discussions: 2 Weekly 1-hour dialogues connecting students across difference in community building and critical dialogue about relevant social issues.
    • Monday at 8 pm
    • Tuesday at 8 pm
    • Wednesday at 8 pm