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“Voices Rising” Exhibit

“Voices Rising” Exhibit

This fall’s exhibit presents voices and images of various communities in the U.S. with the hopes of provoking conversation and dialogue about the many social issues that impact our world. Visit, bring a friend, and share your voice!

Events Calendar

Events Calendar

The Mosaic Center is all about celebrating the diversity of our MSU community, which is represented in part by the events and meetings of student organizations. Check out our events calendar to learn more about all of the happenings at Mosaic!

Center Hours & Contact Information

Monday - Thursday
9 AM - 11 PM

9 AM - 6 PM


12 noon - 11 PM

For more information, call (517) 432-7153.

What Can I Do in Mosaic?

Mosaic is a multifaceted space!

Mosaic has both large group space for studying and a limited number of individual study spaces. It is a great place to get your learning on!

Mosaic is host to different spaces for your student organization's needs! Whether our 20-person conference room or our 80-person multipurpose room.

Mosaic is a place where sociocultural conversations happen on a daily basis. Whether initiated by staff or students, it is a great space to listen and learn.

Reserving Mosaic

The Mosaic Multicultural Unity Center is the space for YOU!

We are a space that students, faculty, and staff can reserve for meetings, events, and discussions.

To reserve Mosaic, please fill out the "Reserve Mosaic" at the top of this page. For more information, contact us at mcc@msu.edu.