About Mosaic

What usually comes to mind when a person hears the word ‘mosaic’ is an artwork composed of many tiles that form one design. Each tile is unique and beautiful individually, but the unified design is even more radiant.

Mosaic: The Multicultural Unity Center is a space for students to study, have meetings and be within a neutral environment. Mosaic represents the thousands of students at Michigan State University and we are here for YOU!  The Center hosts a variety of different programs throughout the school year, from academically-oriented presentations to student group meetings to informal social receptions to which everyone is welcome to attend.

Mosaic reports to the Division of Student Affairs and Services.

Fall Hours of Operation

Mon. – Thu.  Friday Saturday Sunday
OPEN 9 AM  9 AM  Close 12 noon
CLOSE 11 PM  6 PM  Close  11 PM


In January 1999, the Multicultural Center of Michigan State University opened its doors after many years of collective advocacy by the Council of Racial Ethnic Students (CORES). CORES successfully convinced the MSU administration that a Multicultural Center was necessary and critical to the implementation of one of MSU’s guiding principles: “Advance Diversity Within Community.”