Learning Approach

Our Guiding Principle 


Our Approach

Our approach is inspired by the dialogical approach to education popularized by Brazilian educator Paolo Freire in his book 'The Pedagogy of the Oppressed,' and grounded by the thesis of The Other Tradition by MRULE's co-founder Dr.Richard Thomas. "Dialogical education" emphasizes the importance of words only so much as they are linked to action and reflection. "The Other Tradition" emphasizes the tradition of solidarity, cohesiveness and working across racial difference over history. Our vision for justice then, is not one of idealism or mere conceptualization, but of a dedicated, engaged practiceof building relationships dedicated to dismantling oppressive structures and constructively contributing to the world.



Our Learning Model

We see “leadership as a process, not a position.” We also see it as humble acts of service carried out for the betterment of the public good–in this case, our shared goal of building inclusive communities and cultivating a sense of belonging that contributes to student success. We also see ourselves as explorers on the frontiers of learning, discovering new ways of being, thinking, seeing, and engaging more holistically with ourselves, each other, and the world. To support these twin identities, we use a process that reflects our posture of learning and encourages us to study, act, reflect, and consult–often and regularly–as we work to transform ourselves, build vibrant communities, and catalyze social change.