MRULE Roundtable Discussions (RTDs)

From the clash of different opinions comes the spark of truth

The MRULE Moto

"From the clash of different opinions comes the spark of truth" is the moto of Round Table Discussions, hosted weekly across campus. Students of all backgrounds, year of study and field are welcome to weekly MRULE Round Table Discussions every Monday and Tuesday evenings. RTDs cover a variety of topics related to our personal, collective and societal well-being from climate justice, to racial and gender equality, to reimaging our global society. All RTDs are student led and offer a variety of community building activities. Join our RTDs for vibrant connect and meaningful conversation. We would love to have you.

Fall 2022 RTDs happen every Monday and Tuesday 8-9 pm. 

Brody - 136 Brody
Rivertrail - McDonel Kiva

South - Wonders Kiva
East - 132 Hubbard


This year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary of round table discussions at Michigan State University. Don't miss out on an opportunity to get involved.